#8 Four Restaurants in Four Hours - Singapore & Malaysia


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4 Restaurants in 4 Hours

Plenty of things listed under must-eat, and the dilemma of choosing due to intestinal capacity? Or, having only an afternoon to spend at food paradise therefore you’ll need to plan tactically to make the most of your time?

The food explorers from The Uncharted Co. (TUC) know exactly the feels and got your back!

Setting an eat-everything-you-see road trip to Malacca, the TUC food explorers show you the way it should be done and present to you,


Restaurant #1: Chung Wah Chicken Rice Ball
Time Stamp: 3.40PM
Price for 7 pax: 120RM

4 Restaurants 1

An extensive order of 50 chicken rice balls, 1 (or 2?) whole chopped steam chicken(s), a large serving of beansprouts, tofu and 6 braised eggs. The restaurant hop started with a fierce note.

Restaurant #2: Lao Qian Ice Café [San Shu Gong 三叔公]
Time Stamp: 4.30PM
Price: 15RM [per serving of Durian Chendol]

4 Restaurants 2

Scrumptious and icy cold dessert is the go-to food item after a heavy meal of carbs. Especially refreshing under the hot Malacca sun.

Restaurant #3: The Daily Fix Cafe
Time Stamp: 5.50 PM
Price: 160RM

4 Restaurants 3

3 cups of assorted coffees, 4 ice cold barista choice drinks, and a pandan pancake for all to share.

Restaurant #4: Nadeje Cake
Time Stamp: 7PM
Price: 30RM

4 Restaurants 4

Ordered 3 slices of sweet treats to go around, the choice of cake would be the cheese, green apple and the original mille crepe cakes.

Presented and curated by The Uncharted Co.