#6 Chef's overseas food experience - Singapore


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To be honest, being a chef in Singapore is not as challenging as compared to other countries but even then, it's not easy for someone like me who has no prior knowledge in the professional culinary field. Therefore, my journey as a chef is filled with [kind] reprimands, and constant corrections from [impatient] mentoring chefs as I was a very slow learner haha.

The first 6 months of training was grueling, but that was when I learnt the most. It was truly a test of perseverance and I am proud to say, true passion got me through. It was truly a profession whereby mind is constantly over body, as you have to endure the long hours of standing and rushing in the hot kitchen. With this experience, I have grown and learnt to adapt to tough environments and as far as my passion takes me, I will go.


In regards to food experience, I will share the most memorable meal I had in Phuket instead of "favourites" because for a Singaporean Foodie to list his favourite food, it is a really tough call. HAHA.


The first place that hits me will be recounting the days I had in Phuket.

Phuket is definitely a place I would like to visit again, not only because it’s beautiful but, BECAUSE OF THEIR FOOD! Food in Phuket means the freshest seafood, especially crabs *lots of people I know love those cute little sea dwellers too haha.

So this brings me to the place where I first went when I was in Phuket and at first glance, I fall in love with THE NO.6 RESTAURANT. Great ambience, great food, and located on top of a hill at the side of Patong.

(of course the hotel shuttle brought me there :p)

What makes me mention ambience > food?



Once you stepped into the restaurant compound, you just have to whip out your phone and snap some photos for Instagram sake.

Although not a great fan of Tomyam, the Tomyam soup here took me by surprise. It has a unique, extra creaminess of coconut milk, and the usual fragrance of the lemon grass and mixed seafood that makes it extra delicious.

The stir-fried flower crabs in curry gravy, with mixed vegetables, is rather exceptional. As I haven’t had any experience with curry crabs prior, the unique combo really took my taste buds for a ride as the Thai curry has a kick of unexpected but pleasant spiciness. As far as memorable goes, this is one dish it'll take sometime to forget!

And for the leading dish, the best dish I ate in this restaurant is the grilled pork slices with a special homemade sweet chili sauce! (I don't know why, but Thailand seems to have the best pork dishes among Asian countries). The grilled pork tastes great on its own, with or without the dipping sweet chili sauce and the secret to that is, I have learnt on hindsight, the marinating process. Carefully marinated with certain special ingredients and spices (my apologies, trade secret has to be kept) and grilled, the result is a plate of tender pork slices with perfectly balanced savoury, and slightly sweet taste with a tinge of fragranced spiced.


That is all for one of my most memorable food experience in Phuket and I hope food explorers of the world find these goodies!

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