#5 I'm a painting traveler - Japan


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This month's catch up session is with Chihiro, a multi-talented Japanese artist who travels, and at the same time, beautify the spaces she comes across.

"Art and travel is something that comes together beautifully and magically when they are out together with passion."

What are your inspirations behind the artworks?

豊かな個性の調和と、人と人の繋がりです。その場に合った、ストーリーとテーマを感覚的に捉えて、描きます。見る人々がそれぞれ、あたたかい気持ちや、優しい気持ち、前向きで、元気な気持ちになれば いいなと思って描いています。花が大好きなので、花は必ず描いています。
I get my inspiration by unifying different characteristics and from interacting with different people. I draw from the stories and themes that I experience in different places. I make my art hoping that it will make the viewers feel the warmth and gentleness, and wish that it will make them feel more positive and happy. As I love flowers, I always paint flowers.

Chihiro Chihiro

What inspires your artwork to be about nature?

A lot of my inspirations come from nature. Especially now that cities are losing natural elements, it is important to have natural elements like flowers, butterflies and all the various trees in my paintings. One of the themes that I like is the harmony between nature, people and animals.

How long have you been painting at hostels? And where have you painted?

まだ2ヶ月も経っていません。これからです。今回は、タイのバンコク(long luck guest house)、ミャンマーのヤンゴン(agga guest house)とニャウンシュエ(ostello bello)、そしてシンガポール(bunc hostel)に描かせて頂きました。日本では1~2年前から、似顔絵、壁画、マタニティーペイントなどを描いています。
I've only just started for about 2 months, and will be doing more from now on. Till date, I've painted at Long Luck Guest House in Bangkok, Agga Guest House in Myanmar, the Ostello Bello in Nyaung Shwe and the Bunc Hostel in Singapore. In Japan, I've been painting portraits, wall art and maternity art since a year or two ago.

What inspires you to paint and travel?

What inspires me to travel are different encounters and feelings. Travelling and meeting different people teaches us the value of being alive. I think that even though the world is very big and there are lots of people, the important things in life are actually just few and very simple.

Chihiro Chihiro

What is your best memory of traveling?

I cannot choose one. I've been to 44 Countries and all the memories I have of the people I have met and encountered are all important to me. And I also hope that from now on I will have more wonderful memories with all the different people that I will meet.

This time the theme for my work is “Cross Cultural Interactions”. I wanted to show Singapore’s various cultures, religions and ethnicities. One person who saw my art work commented that it looks like an “Indian Jungle.” Everyone is entitled to their interpretation. I will be grateful for whatever emotion they will feel when seeing my work.

Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity.

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